What is MELTing?  Developed by Sue Hitzman, a Manual Therapist, in New York,  the MELT Method is a series of simple, hands off moves that rehydrates your connective tissues and rebalances your nervous system resulting in increased mobility and range, and creates better balance and stability for your everyday movements. It helps to prevent, reduce and even eliminate chronic pain. Being fit doesn't mean being stiff and sore. Aging doesn't have to mean aching. It has also been used to help kids settle. Anyone can MELT, regardless of age or health. You'll feel results after the first session. For more, click on MELT.

Why should I understand my connective tissue? It is the full body network that supports and stabilizes all aspects of the body. Check the Links to learn more, above.If you want to learn how to MELT for a more stable, balanced and pain free body from a certified trainer, contact me. 

Here is a short clip from an interview with MELT practitioners. It is 4 minutes and will give you an idea of the Method and how it differs from exercise.


About me: Emma Bourassa

I am a dedicated educator Certified in MELT Method Hand and Foot instruction and Roller Length and Strength instruction. As an educator, it is critical to me that you understand the why, what and how of MELT so you can take care of yourself. MELTing is not an exercise, it replicates hands on body work.  I teach MELT because of the difference MELTing has made to my  and others' ability to sleep better, have more joint mobility, no pain, and better balance.  I'm excited for you to learn to MELT and reap the benefits. See what some clients have experienced, below.


My role as a MELT instructor is to teach you how to become your own hands off bodyworker, using the MELT method to keep your body hydrated and pain free.  Each session is approximately an hour and you will leave with moves that you can do on your own.  If you have low back pain, neck pain or feel like a part of you is 'stuck', I'll work with you to create your own MELT map to get relief.

I am happy to work one on one or with groups not larger than 5. The small number is to ensure that you learn the MELT Method moves correctly so you can care for yourself effectively.

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A huge thank you to Emma for introducing me to MELT. I took the kit to my 96 year old mother in the U.K. She is riddled with arthritis but tries to keep mobile.
Her hands are very deformed, fingers curled into an open fist. On the first day we tried the hand moves with the balls. With difficulty we managed the position-point pressing with the soft ball. Her hands were unable to do the gliding,shearing or rinsing at first, but we worked on it for 5 days (I was only there for a short time). She was able to do the knuckle decompression by herself. Quite amazing. After just that short time her fingers straightened and became more flexible, which meant she was able to do more with her hands. Unfortunately there is no one there to help with the moves so she does just the knuckle decompressions, which make a huge difference to her hand mobility and less pain. I’ll see her again later this year so we’ll work again with the balls. Thanks Emma.  (esthetician)

I was quite skeptical about it, even a bit uncomfortable as I know that doing anything wrong with my back can cause months of discomfort and inability along with a whole lot of expense with chiropractors, massage therapists and medicines. I went more to appease Emma and support her in this new endeavour. I had very limited movement in my lower back with pain going throughout my back and into my shoulders. It was difficult to even get down on the mat and stretch out. But within minutes I began to feel relief. As I left the first session, I felt at least 50% better. It was amazing also because I was given the tools to assess and respond to my own body. After just five days of doing melt for myself at home, I awoke with no pain and my full range of movement. I have gone from being a skeptic to a full supporter of this method of self awareness and response. Thank you Emma for bringing MELT to Kamloops. (instructor)

Started MELTing the shoulders and ribs and what a difference! I actually woke up at 6:50 this am, first time I have seen the sunrise and felt awake in years! I was getting quite depressed when nothing seemed to get rid of the burning pain in my right shoulder, I was pain free for about a month last summer after a series of weekly sessions but then the pain came back...and I never really felt refreshed. Plus I understand what I am doing! .Anyways, just want to thank you for introducing me to my connective tissue system...I feel it is the piece of the body puzzle I have been missing for years. (retiree)