Practicing the MELT method will help you to do hands off self treatment. While you can read about it, my experience is that people progress safely and more effectively if they have a certified instructor to answer questions, clarify the moves, explain what's happening in your body, and check that placement and moves are done correctly. It's important that you MELT safely. I have listed sessions below, but I can also customize to your needs. Just send me an email via the contact me link on the main page and we can chat. 

Small group classes: MELT by the book is a 4 session series which includes foundational education using the tools of MELT. I can provide the tools for the first class, but you will need to purchase a soft roller for home practice. Limited to 5 people for your maximum experience.The investment is $120.00. For  schedule and location please see here: To register, please email me. 

Individual sessions: MELT introductory session includes foundational education, hand and foot treatment and you leave with tools to start using immediately. This session is mandatory, as other sessions build from the basics of this session.  This session is 60 minutes or longer, depending on your needs. The investment is $125.00 with a follow up review session included. It's important to me that you are able to use the tools to keep yourself pain free. The session may be possible to do in your home.

MELT roller introductory session includes education for correct placement, pressure and distinction of the 4 Rs of the MELT method. The introductory session follows the moves in Sue Hitzman's book so that you can MELT effectively at home. This session is 60 minutes. The investment is $75.00.

MELT for Golf, MELT for Tennis, MELT for knee pain. There is an individual  MELT map to help your personal needs.

MELT individual mapping session includes assessment, education and a personal MELT map made just for you. You will do a full MELT session using the balls and roller with guidance to make sure the points, pressure and distinction of the 4 Rs of MELT which can be practiced at home on your own. This map will likely go beyond what is in Sue Hitzman's book. This session is 60 minutes. The investment is $75.00.

Tools to purchase - MELT Method book can be found at Chapters Kamloops or click here